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Homily 15 – Memorial of St. Pius X

August 21st, 2009, by Fr. Shawn P. Tunink

God Works Through the Unexpected

Today and tomorrow our first readings are taken from the Old Testament book of Ruth. This short book tells the story of a very important person in God’s plan of salvation. Every year during Advent we read what seems to be that rather long and boring geneology of Jesus. “So and so begat so and so” and on and on and on until we are finally relieved to arrive at Jesus. In St. Matthew’s geneology it is of particular importance that he includes several women in the list. This would not have been expected and the women he includes are equally unexpected. Ruth is one of those women.

The inclusion of Ruth in God’s plan of slavation is interesting because Ruth is not even an Israelite. She is of the clan of Moab. However, through God’s providence she ends up converting to the faith of Israel and marries Boaz of Bethlehem. Together they have a son named Obed who then becomes the father of Jesse who is of course the father of King David. God has always worked in the unexpected and we shouldn’t be surprised to find that true in our own lives. God took a poor Moabite girl and made her the great grandmother of the most famous king in the history of Israel. Imagine what God might be doing with the unexpected events in your life!

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