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Welcome to My New Blog

August 3rd, 2009, by Fr. Shawn P. Tunink

I first started a blog in 2005 and have been a faithful user of the Xanga platform since then. Over the years I’ve noticed that Xanga seems to have fallen by the wayside as far as mainstream blogging platforms go. However, a recent event convinced me that it was time to migrate. I sent a link from my blog to my Archbishop and he wrote back that the firewall at the chancery had blocked the entire Xanga domain as “obscene.” Well…

I decided if I was going to move, I’d go all out. So, I registered this new snazzy domain (Shawn is the Irish version of John and I take John the Baptist as my principal patron saint) and got my self-hosted WordPress site all up and running…including the much demanded homily podcast. As you can see, I still have only the very basic standard WordPress theme and have much work to do. I’m debating about migrating over all the old posts from Xanga, but that could be a chore. We’ll see. Thanks for visiting and stay tuned.

My old blog, Diary of a Pilgrimage

2 Responses to Welcome to My New Blog

  1. Fr. Shawn Tunink

    I had some major trouble with my updating today and reloaded the whole thing. WordPress is powerful, but sometimes you can break things.

  2. KC

    Glad to see you on the web again, Father. I’ve linked to you on my blog and hope more readers will learn of your blog.

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