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Homily 72 – 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

January 24th, 2010, by Fr. Shawn P. Tunink

History Gives Us Context

Sometimes as we go through life we can become so focused on our present situation that forget our larger place in history. We can even wander away from our core principles if we fail to review them from time to time. A recent trip to Washington, D.C. provided an opportunity for me to reflect on the history of our country and the principles that define it. It was surprising to notice all the references to God that were carved in the stone of all the buildings. In many ways we have forgotten the context in which our country was founded. Although I didn’t climb up to see it, I was reminded that atop the Washington Monument, the highest stone in the entire city bears the simple message, Laus Deo, “Praise be to God.” This is the mark the our founding fathers wanted to leave on history. We pray that when the history of our lives is written that they may be a great monument rising to the heaven and capped with the final words, “Praise be to God.”

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