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A Sure Sign of Success for Pope Benedict

April 6th, 2010, by Fr. Shawn P. Tunink

When I lived in Lawrence I would often walk along a street where the people had a great devotion to political yard signs. In many of the races, I knew who to vote for…and it was not the people being endorsed on this street. Yet, whenever I had a question about a race, I would go to this street and see who’s names were in their yards. This way I could always figure out who not to vote for. If a person’s name was popular on this street, I could be just about 100% certain that the other candidate was the one I wanted.

I was reminded of this street when I read today the rather silly article that boldly claims that the papacy of Pope Benedict is now officially a failure. If the mainstream media are declaring the Pope to be a failure, I can be just about 100% certain that he is succeeding overwhelmingly. Let us pray for an end to the lies and calumny against the Holy Father, but let us also take courage that all the right people hate him.

I wonder if there is a possibility that a culture given over to all kinds of immorality would have an ulterior motive in trying to undermine the world’s only remaining moral authority. I’m just wondering.

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