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Homily 148 – 2nd Sunday of Lent

March 20th, 2011, by Fr. Shawn P. Tunink

Thank God for Mountains

We all love those experiences when we seem to be on top of a mountain in our faith. Everything seems so clear and God seems so close. That’s the gift that Jesus gave to Peter, James, and John in today’s gospel. Yet we tend to forget what it took to arrive at this experience. Climbing a mountain is not easy. It takes our effort. Even when we get on top, we know that we can’t stay there. Jesus didn’t intend for his apostles to just remain on top of the mountain. He had a mission for them. We all need those mountaintop experiences of God. Two questions remain for us. Are we will willing to do the work and what will be the result? We pray that this Lent might find us eager to draw close to God and that the result will be a greater desire to go out and spread the good news, to bring others to the mountain of God.

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