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Homily 161 – Pentecost

June 12th, 2011, by Fr. Shawn P. Tunink

Do Not Be Afraid

Today is not any ordinary day. Today is Pentecost. It is a day filled with the power of the Spirit. Today the apostles went from being locked in a room in fear to spilling out onto the streets to boldly proclaim the Gospel. The Spirit was present on another fateful Pentecost in Warsaw Poland in 1979. John Paul II returned to Poland for the 1st time as Pope and told the millions gathered, “Do not be afraid.” The Catholic Church in Poland came out of their locked rooms and the Spirit sowed the seeds that would lead to the end of atheistic communism in just 10 years.

The Spirit continues to come to us today. Pentecost is a day on which we can change the world…one family at a time. All it takes is one family, one person, to say yes to the Holy Spirit and we can change the world. Let’s not try to contain the Holy Spirit. Let’s say yes to the Spirit today, and when you do…do not be afraid.

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