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Homily 163 – Corpus Christi

June 26th, 2011, by Fr. Shawn P. Tunink

Help for Failing Senses

At first it might seem strange to celebrate a day in honor of the Eucharist. Don’t we do that at every Mass? Of course, but today is a special day to recommit ourselves to our faith in the Eucharist. Sometimes we can let our faith grow weak, not really stopping to think who it is we receive in Holy Communion. It’s easy for our senses to be deceived since the Jesus comes to us under the appearance of ordinary bread and wine. We might doubt that this is really Jesus.

This was the case for a priest whose doubt of the Eucharist gave rise to the feast we celebrate today. Today’s homily tells the story of Fr. Peter of Prague and the great miracle God worked for him and for the Church in 1263. May we all recognize the great miracle that God works at Mass today and every day.

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