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Homily 176 – 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

October 9th, 2011, by Fr. Shawn P. Tunink

Accepting the Invitation

In the new translation of the Mass which we will begin using this Advent, the words of consecration of the chalice will be changing. Instead of referring to the fact that Jesus shed his blood “for all” we will hear the priest refer to Jesus shedding his blood “for many.” While Jesus did indeed die for all, the new translation is not only faithful to the Latin, but also points out the sad fact that not all will accept Jesus’ offer of salvation. Like the people in the Gospel, many of us today make excuses as to why we have better things to do than accept God’s invitation.

Every Sunday we are invited to the marriage banquet prepared by God. How do we respond? Do we tell God that we have “better things” to do? If we do come to Mass faithfully each week, how is our attitude? Are we really participating and putting ourselves fully into it so as to “get something out of it?” Perhaps the meditation in today’s homily concerning our beloved Kansas City Chiefs football team will help.

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  1. Aaron Goldblatt

    I will need to catch up on the Biblical reference to the shift in language. I’d appreciate any direction to that end.

    The distinction seems like the most powerful shift in language I’ve ever seen. The shift from Latin to English seems easier. Not that this is hard, but that it addresses an element of Christianity not often touched upon – almost for good reason.

    Christianity, even the very definition of Catholocism, is the universality and one-ness of all people’s access to Christ. We all have mothers. We are all children of God.

    But the POWER of Christ is that it is the few who call to the power. Not that the power derives from the few, but that the many choose NOT to have this spiritual power. The power is accessible but the few access it.

    I need to find a way to get to your sermons.

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