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Homily 212 – Pentecost

May 27th, 2012, by Fr. Shawn P. Tunink

What Drives You?

In today’s first reading, the Holy Spirit is described as a “strong driving wind.” We’re all familiar here in Kansas with just how powerful the wind can be. It can literally push you…or your house…over. On Pentecost, the Scripture tells us that the Holy Spirit was a force like this. If we look at our lives, what drives us? Is it the Holy Spirit? Perhaps we’re driven by a lot of the things that St. Paul mentions in our second reading…immorality, lust and the like.

The Holy Spirit is also described as being fire. Fire can be destructive but also purifying. If we are driven more by the spirit of the world than the Holy Spirit, then maybe we could use a little purification from the Spirit. Renewing the face of the earth is a big task, but it starts on person at a time. Don’t be afraid to unlock the doors and let the Holy Spirit start driving.

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  1. Marie

    How often do people cry during your homilies? I listened to this I(linked from Fr Z)and it brought tears to my eyes – so true about the cleansing nature of fire/Holy Spirit…it is certainly much better to allow the little, periodic cleansings than to put them off for 20 years. Sure the 20 year fire works too, but my goodness, it can certainly bring you to your knees and take a long time to recover. Thank you – this was excellent!

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