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I Always Wanted to See Paris

June 19th, 2012, by Fr. Shawn P. Tunink

No, I am not blogging this from over the Atlantic. In fact, I am still in the Paris airport, now 5 hours after our scheduled departure with at least 2 more hours to wait. Maybe I should be thankful that we sat in the plane on the tarmac for 5 hours on the trip over. Now I can at least say, “It could be worse…we could be in the plane.”

Long story short, the plane broke, again. After thinking all day that eventually they would fix the plane, they finally gave up and are getting us a new plane. I hope it’s big, with lots of TV’s…and an exercise room…and a chapel…and a pool. This better be the world’s greatest airplane.

Obviously we are not making our connection in Atlanta tonight, so it looks like a hotel…if we actually leave. To everyone down at Boy Scout camp awaiting my arrival…just hold on…I’m coming. St. Joseph Cupertino, patron of those who fly, pray for us.

Delayed in Paris
That’s a 7hr and 45min Delay for Those Scoring at Home

3 Responses to I Always Wanted to See Paris

  1. Lee & Heather

    The other group is at home safe and sound. Sorry to hear of your ongoing travel problems.

  2. Margaret radiel

    Hope you will be home soon

  3. Michele

    Your group will get the patience award for the pilgrimage of 2012. Thank you for this wonderful blog. Hope you have a great time at camp.
    Your insights and homilies were much appreciated during a memorable experience in the Holy Land.
    The Walsh’s IL

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