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The Three Days in One

June 16th, 2012, by Fr. Shawn P. Tunink

Today we managed to relive all three days of the Sacred Triduum, but not necessarily in order. We began by getting up early to make the Via Crucis or Way of the Cross. The way is also popularly known here as the Via Dolorosa or “Way of Suffering.” From the early days, pilgrims coming to Jerusalem have wanted to retrace the final days of the life of Christ. While it is beautiful to meditate on the Passion, being able to physically walk in the footsteps of Jesus gives added weight to our meditation. We walked the streets from the court of Pilate up to the hill of Calvary now located in the Holy Sepulcher. As we prayed each station you could feel yourself going up the hill, knowing that you’re approaching Calvary. To think that Jesus carried the cross all this way for us. For the sake of his sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.

The Tomb Where They Laid Jesus
The Tomb Where They Laid Jesus

Normally the Stations of the Cross end with the laying of the body of Jesus in the tomb. Today we got a most special opportunity. Our group was privileged to be chosen to celebrate the Latin Mass today with the Franciscan brothers. I got to consecrate the Eucharist on the very place where the body of Jesus was raised from the dead. All of the priests went into the tomb for the consecration and then beautifully came out again bringing our Risen Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. I couldn’t help but think of Jesus’ teaching about how a grain of wheat must be planted and die in order to give new life. We priests took ordinary bread and wine into the tomb of Christ, a place where the dead body of Jesus was “planted.” We came out carrying the Lord of life to nourish his people. The Mass was that of Easter morning and I can attest that it definitely felt like Easter.

New Light on the Empty Tomb
New Light on the Empty Tomb of Christ

Today I was also blessed to discover something I was never able to see before in the Holy Sepulcher. I was in the sacristy before Mass and noticed on the wall a sword hanging in a box. After reading the inscription, I realized that this is the sword of Godfrey of Bouillon. He was the first crusader to breach the walls to reclaim Jerusalem in 1099. In addition to his sword they also have his spur and his famous cross. I was particularly drawn to this cross which has come to be known as the Cross of Jerusalem. Just before I left for the Holy Land, I received official word that I am to become a Knight of the Holy Sepulcher. This is a great honor that some of the current Knights petitioned for me and was then approved in Rome by the Holy See. The order originated with Godfrey and continues today to protect the Holy Land. Normally this means financial help. Priests can’t do much in the way of that, but I’d like to think that my being here and this blog is helping to promote the Holy Land. Hopefully all of you that are reading will realize how important it is to protect and preserve these special places where our Lord lived. Maybe you will be on the next pilgrimage. I pray that I will be a worthy knight with the faith and courage of Godfrey.

Relics of Godfrey of Bouillon
Relics of Godfrey of Bouillon

Just when you think things can’t get any better, Mike pulls another amazing special event. After fighting the zoo of pilgrims all day, tonight we had the opportunity to make a Eucharistic holy hour all by ourselves in the Church of All Nations. You may remember that this is the church in the Garden of Gethsemane. There we prayed and kept watch for an hour just as Jesus had asked the apostles to do. Jesus was right there on the altar, back in the Garden, offering himself for us in all his suffering. I felt I could almost see Jesus there on the rock and wanted to comfort him with my prayer.

The Rock of the Agony
The Rock of Agony

The Church of All Nations
The Church of All Nations

We ended our holy hour and then got a treat I will never forget. The brother that cares for the church allowed us to enter the gate of the actual Garden of Gethsemane and walk around among the olive trees at night. Experts say that at least some of these trees may well be over 2000 years old. I thought looking at them from the outside during the day was amazing. Walking around the garden at night was an unforgettable experience. I almost felt like I was there the night Jesus was arrested. We began our day with the Good Friday procession, celebrated Easter at the empty tomb and then ended up back at Holy Thursday. It might not be the exact order of the Tridumm, but in 1 day today I experienced the 3 days in a powerful way for which I will always be grateful.

 The Garden of Gethsemane at Night
The Garden of Gethsemane at Night

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9 Responses to The Three Days in One

  1. Laura Brancato

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful journey Father Shawn. I am reliving the January pilgrimage and enjoying every minute.
    Please tell Pam Brown and Tricia Hutchison they are in my thoughts and prayers as are all of you.
    Laura Brancato

  2. Teresa Schiffelbein

    Fr. Shawn you are doing a great job of promoting the Holy Lands. I just thankful that I could share in this wonderful experience, through your blog and pictures

  3. Lisa Macy

    Once again a beautiful description of your travels!! As we celebrate Father’s Day, I am thankful for our Heavenly Father and all that he has given us. I would like to send prayers to all the Father’s on their special day. I especially like to send a shout out to my Dad, Kenneth Berndt!! Thank you for being such a good example to all your kids, and especially for raising us to embrace our Faith!! We love you!! Safe travels for everyone as they journey home or continue on their travels. Lisa Macy

  4. Bob/Kathy

    Oh wow, and double wow! Congrats to you Fr. Shawn, and again thank you for all of your wonderful pictures.

  5. Rebecca

    I am so blown away by the Divine orchestration of this pilgrimage. Surely Holy Mass (especially at Easter) for all of you will never be the same. Thank you for helping us (me) find deeper meaning too.

  6. Robert Reddig

    Beautiful! We were at a wedding that Msgr Charles officiated at today. Then we heard our weekend Mass with Fr Mitchell. Happy Fathers Day to all the wonderful priests out there!!

  7. Sara Farrar

    Wow! Fr.Shawn! What an amazing and truly blessed day! It is fun for all of us to read and see pics of your journey each day. We are praying for all of you! Please tell Bridget and Clare hello for us!

  8. Natalie Mickelson

    How amazing!! Thank you so much for posting all of your daily visits. I am enjoying it so much. I get goosebumps just thinking about how awesome it must feel to be there.

    Happy Father’s Day!

  9. Meredith Stoops

    Thank you Father! These posts have helped me grow spiritually and have increased my desire to make pilgrimage to the Holy Land!

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