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Homily 216 – Natural Family Planning Awareness Week

New Life for Your Marriage

This week is Natural Family Planning Awareness Week. If you are now asking yourself, “What is Natural Family Planning?” then you see the need for the week. Today’s homily considers the joy and sacrifices of married love and the great gift of family. For those unfamiliar with NFP, it will also hopefully be an introduction to something that is not only free and over 99% effective, but could also radically change your marriage and your relationship with God. Perhaps it is enough simply to say that if you follow society’s wisdom you have an over 50% chance of getting divorced. If you follow God’s plan through NFP, you have less than a 5% chance of getting divorced. Those are good odds that will hopefully make you want to become more “aware” of NFP this week if you’re not already.

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  1. NFPworks

    Father, thank you SO, SO much for sharing about Natural Family Planning Awareness Week, and for preaching on it as well!

    For a blog post I’m working on, what is your favorite way to speak about NFP, and how often to you incorporate it into your preaching?

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