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I’m on EWTN Radio Tomorrow at 4:00 CDT

July 6th, 2012, by Fr. Shawn P. Tunink

I recently did an interview for the Vocation Boom show on EWTN radio and it is going to air tomorrow, Saturday 7/7, at 4:00pm. Since this is EWTN that means it will air GLOBALLY. That’s right, Shawn the Baptist will be heard WORLD WIDE tomorrow. Thanks to the Kansas City Catholic radio people at KEXS that passed my name along. They said I had the perfect face for radio. I’m touched, and hope people like hearing a little bit about my vocation story tomorrow.

If for some reason you think there is something more important than listening to your radio tomorrow at 4:00…here is the recorded version of my part of the show. May the Holy Spirit do something beautiful with this apostolate at Vocation Boom Radio and may many more young people respond to a call to priesthood and religious life.

Vocation Boom Radio Interview VBR1226 (Air Date 07-07-12)

3 Responses to I’m on EWTN Radio Tomorrow at 4:00 CDT

  1. Gene Beecher

    I really enjoye dyou on the Vocation Boom. That is how I found your great sight. Once again Thanks!

  2. Bob/Kathy Dorst

    Great interview Fr. Shawn. Thank you for your gift of priesthood, and thanks for the interview!

  3. David Tunink

    Father Shawn

    Enjoyed listening to your radio interview. I sent it to friend who is in his last year to become a permanent deacon.


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