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Homily 226 – Why All The Chanting?

October 28th, 2012, by Fr. Shawn P. Tunink

Something Beautiful for God

This is the first in a series of homilies explaining various elements of the Mass and Catholic worship in honor of the 50th anniversary of the beginning of Vatican II. Today’s homily focuses on some aspects of  the role of Sacred Music in the liturgy. It is also an answer to a question that comes up from time to time with regard to the role of the priest celebrant. I hope this homily is both informative and clears up some confusion.

5 Responses to Homily 226 – Why All The Chanting?

  1. Kerry Godfrey

    We really enjoyed your Sermon on Sunday, Father Shawn. You did a terrific job in researching and explaining the various elements of the Mass. Fantastic work–thank you!

  2. Ray Wilson

    Fr. Shawn, THANK YOU for presenting such a wonderful overview of the “melodic” elements of the Mass. I played the Cornet in elementary school (unless you asked my instructor), but learned that my talent was better suited for a different instrument. Thank you for your gentle reminders of where I can find the chants in the new book… God Bless

  3. Daniel Bilbrey

    Thank you, Fr. Shawn, for leading us to loving Jesus more in our lives, especially through the Mass. So glad that you are ‘capable’ as well as willing to lead us to love the Mass more and more each time we go. I’m also impressed that in your earlier days you would play the trumpet at Mass, something that I’ve not been brave/experienced enough to do, myself.

  4. Steve Ruyle

    Awesome homily. I know one of the most memorable Masses I’ve ever been too was my son’s baptism. A special occasion no matter what but your chant brought all the angles and saints present to me. It was incredible. I look forward to that day in heaven when I can hear it forever praising God.

    God Bless

  5. Barry Fowler

    Great explanation on why there is added emphasis on singing in Mass. Thanks for your service and dedication to sing.

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