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Homily 251 – Pentecost

May 19th, 2013, by Fr. Shawn P. Tunink

Explode with the Spirit

The Scriptures use the image of wind and fire to describe the power of the Holy Spirit. The Greek word for this power is dynamis, from where we get the more familiar word dynamite. Like the Apostles we might wish to stay comfortable in the relatively safe environment of the upper room or our church buildings. However, this is not the plan of the Spirit. The Spirit doesn’t like to stay boxed in. He blows where he wills and does so with power. Today is a day for coming out of our comfort zones to speak boldly and publicly about Jesus. We’ve got infinite amounts of grace stored up through the Sacraments. Now it’s time to let the dynamis of the Spirit explode.

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  1. Marilyn Malstrom

    Dear Fr. Shawn,
    I just wanted to tell you how much my husband and I enjoyed your homily on Sun, May 19th. We were in town visiting our friends John and Diane Rodriguez (to attend our Goddaughter Nikki’s HS graduation) and we attended the 10:30am Mass while John and Diane attended Nikki’s grad Mass at STA. I was so glad that we were in town and were able to attend Cure of Ars!! We were initially very moved by the presentation of the first reading. Hearing the many languages and then hearing the rest of the reading “in our own language” really brought that story home. It was so well done and we enjoyed it very much!
    Then we were both very struck by your homily. It was an excellent “call to action” to bring our faith to the people outside the church walls. Every day my husband and I think and pray about how we can be better witnesses for Christ, and you gave us the motivation and practical advice on how to do just that. I loved how you told us to bring Christ to others with a 30sec, 5min or 30min story of what Jesus has done for us. That is such a great idea and who knows who we can touch by talking about what Jesus did not only for the world, but more specifically, what He did for us! Your sermon was so right-on with how we should be living our lives as witnesses for Christ, from Mon – Sat and not just on Sun mornings within the safe walls of a church. When we got back to John and Diane’s house that afternoon, we told them about your sermon and John told us that you always speak the truth and that you consistently speak the Word of God. I could tell from your homily that you definitely do that, especially when you made the comment about how being “born again” is true for every Christian – not just Protestants. That is so true and we need to embrace the fact we are all sinners and we all need to be born into new life with Christ as our Savior!
    So I just wanted to tell you that you really spoke God’s word into my life and into the life of my husband and I truly appreciate it! I am going to look for ways to come out of my “comfort zone” and be ready with three versions of my story so I can proclaim the Good News to others that I encounter, not missing any opportunity to witness for Christ.
    Thank you so much for an awesome service and a compelling sermon. God Bless you!
    Marilyn Malstrom

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