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Homily 252 – Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity

May 26th, 2013, by Fr. Shawn P. Tunink

The Joy of Affliction

In the 2nd reading today, St. Paul tells us to boast even in our afflictions. This leads to endurance, which leads to proven character, which leads to hope, he tells us. We tend to not like affliction and often run away from it. Yet on this Memorial Day weekend we are especially aware of the men and women who throughout history have countless times put themselves in the path of affliction and even given their lives for our freedom. Certainly St. Paul’s phrase, “proven character,” immediately reminds us of our veterans.

You see the secret that our veterans know is that you will never find peace running from trouble. Rather, meaning in life is found most beautifully when you find something worthy giving your life. This is also the secret to the Christian life and to today’s celebration of the Trinity. God cannot be a solitary being because even God needs someone to whom he can give himself. Our lives are meant to image this self giving of the three persons of the Trinity. Today we honor the sacrifice of our men and women who have and do protect our freedom and we hear the call of Jesus to follow after him and make our lives a gift for others.

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