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Homily 346 – Mountaintop View – 2nd Sunday of Lent

March 12th, 2017, by Fr. Shawn P. Tunink

Fr. Shawn at PhilmontI love the view from the top of a mountain. You can see everything so much more clearly. In today’s gospel, Jesus takes Peter, James, and John to the top of Mount Tabor in Galilee so that they too could have a clearer view of things. However, Jesus wasn’t so much concerned about the beautiful view of the land, but giving them a clear view of his own person, of who he is. On top of the mountain, Jesus became “transfigured” before them, showing them a glimpse of his divinity. The experience is so amazing that Peter suggests that they just set up camp and stay. Yet life is not made for us to stay up on the mountain, at least not yet.

I believe that Jesus gave the apostles the amazing experience on Mount Tabor because he knew, in just a short while, there would be another mountain to climb, Mount Calvary. Jesus wanted to give the apostles a sure sign of his divinity on Mount Tabor so that, when they would later see him on the cross, they would not doubt. We all need such “mountaintop” experiences, when we see God clearly. We need those moments when God seems close and faith is easy. We will not always be on the mountain, but will sometimes be in a valley. Today, we thank God for the beautiful view on top of a mountain, but then we store this up for the journey ahead. One day, we will be forever at rest on the mountain. For now, we keep going, never forgetting the experience of the mountaintop view.

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