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Homily 362 – Pax Vobiscum – Epiphany

January 7th, 2018, by Fr. Shawn P. Tunink

MagiPeace be with you! Or, as we would say in Latin, Pax vobiscum! Pax is the Latin word for peace. On this Solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord, the word pax also points out to us three key lessons. The mysterious “Magi” in today’s gospel famously follow a star to find Jesus. We may not have a star to follow today to help us find Jesus, but we do have the example of the Magi. Here are the three things from the three kings that can help us, conveniently brought to you by the letters p, a, and x.

P – Pay attention. The Magi saw a sign in the sky that most others missed. They were paying attention. What are you paying attention to? God is sending you signs all the time. Do you notice?

A – Act. The Magi not only saw the sign but were willing to act on what they saw. They went on a long difficult journey to find Jesus. Do you act on the the promptings of the Holy Spirit in your life? How do you respond when God tries to push you a little beyond your comfort zone?

X – Exchange (I know; just go with it). The Gospel says that, after meeting Jesus, the Magi returned to their country “by another way.” They exchange their old way for a new way. They are willing to lay down their treasures. What are you willing to give God? Are you willing to give up your plans, your way, and exchange them for the new way God has in mind?

If we follow the example of the Magi, we too will be called to a great adventure. We will never be the same. Like the Magi we will find Jesus and we will have p-a-x, peace.

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