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More on the Lanciano Miracle

August 18th, 2009, by Fr. Shawn P. Tunink

This weekend I spoke in my homily about the famous Eucharistic miracle of Lanciano that occurred in 750 in Italy. Many people have asked for more information. You can certainly search the internet for “Lanciano” and you’ll find plenty. I thought I might draw your attention to a video that I saw recently that was new even to me. The video is of a presentation given by a doctor who I believe was an atheist and converted to Catholicism after the experience he describes.

A Eucharistic miracle similar to the one I described in Lanciano apparently took place in Buenos Aires in the 1990’s. I mentioned that there have been many other miracles like Lanciano over the years, so I wasn’t particularly surprised to hear of one in Buenos Aires. What struck me about this particular presentation were some key similarities between the known miracle in Lanciano and this new one in Argentina.

Apparently a consecrated host began to show signs of a sort of bleeding. The doctor indicates that he gave a sample to be tested by multiple independent doctors who didn’t know where the sample came from. They each reported the same conclusion, that the sample was from a human heart. Additionally, they also reported that the tissue showed the strange sign of responding as living tissue and was actually beating.

I was of course noticing that all of this sounded very similar to what was found with the Lanciano miracle. The speaker then goes on to mention the Lanciano miracle and he too notes the similarities. Then he says something that really made me stop for a second. I don’t fully get the details from the video, but apparently he was able to compare his results with the results of the doctor who did the Lanciano investigation and they were able to determine from the DNA that the samples from Lanciano from 750 and from Argentina in 1996 are from the same person!

I always knew that the blood type of the Lanciano sample was found to be AB and that this matched the blood type from the blood on the famous Shroud of Turin, also AB. However, being able to link this miracle in Buenos Aires to Lanciano as being not just the same blood type but matching DNA of the same person…well that’s really something now. Does anyone have more info on this connection or more official scientific results? The video is certainly worth a watch and I’d like to find out more myself.

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  1. Fred Forrett

    This really would be something. I was hoping to find information about a DNA test between Lanciano and Betania but I could find no information. I did find information about DNA testing done with samples from a Julia Kim,she however was excommunicated from what I understand and may have fakes some things, i dont know.
    Did you ever get more information about this?

  2. Veronica

    To find out more about the Eucharistic Miracle of Buenos Aires go to

    The author worked on the scientific investigations of this miracle

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