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Homily 241 – 3rd Sunday of Lent

March 3rd, 2013, by Fr. Shawn P. Tunink

Time to Bear Fruit

Today I am on the road in Longview, Texas giving a parish mission at St. Matthew’s Catholic Church. Msgr. Xavier Pappu and all the parishioners have been so welcoming. Last night I had dinner at an authentic Texas Roadhouse! (It seemed very similar to the Texas Roadhouses in Kansas, but this time I was in Texas). I officially kicked off the mission this weekend by preaching at all the masses. I’ll be here for the next two days and will be posting talks from the mission. If you are in the Longview area, tell people to come to the mission or send them to the website. Thanks for all those praying back home.

Today’s homily also provides my theme for the mission, “Time to Bear Fruit.” Maybe this Lent we need to spend some time cultivating the soul and spreading some fertilizer on our spiritual life. This is what the gardener in the gospel suggests. Yet, the gospel also comes with a warning…we don’t have infinite time. Moses also serves as our great example this weekend. We’ve got to pay attention and focus on God. Don’t wait for later. Now is the time to bear fruit.

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